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Griffin Management, LLC online Owner Relations system provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week private access to drilling reports, completion reports and well logs individualize to their account.

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frequently asked questions

Got a question? We're here to help. Our Owner Relations FAQs provide answers to many of the common questions our owners may have. If you have additional questions, please feel free to get in touch with us by calling 620-672-9700 or submitting a contact form on the' Contact page.

  • When are checks issued?

    Checks are typically issued on or around the 20th of every month.

  • How do I update my address?

    Address changes must be received in writing and must be signed by the owner(s). Include your owner number, name, old address, new address, last 4 digits of your social security or tax identification number, and signature. You may use the Address Change Form.

  • Does Griffin Management, LLC offer direct deposit?

    Yes. Click here to fill out our direct deposit enrollment form. Return the completed form with a VOIDED check or letter from your bank to Griffin Management, LLC main office.

  • When will funds be deposited into my account?

    Along with physical checks, funds will be credited to your bank account on or around the 20th day of every month.

  • Will I receive a 1099 every year?

    Yes, we mail 1099's by January 31st of the following calendar year. The income reported to the IRS is your gross income for oil and gas revenues prior to any other deductions or taxes.

  • Why do I need to provide my W-9?

    A valid W-9 form must be provided to Griffin Management, LLC for reporting and identification purposes. Without a W-9 form Griffin Management, LLC is required to withhold a percentage of revenue based on the Internal Revenue Service withholding rates. All backup withholding is reported on your 1099 at year-end, and is considered a payment to the IRS on your behalf.

  • How do I transfer my interest?

    Please forward a recorded copy of the applicable deed, assignment, or other legal instrument of conveyance, and any other information you feel is relevant to the transfer. Also, please include the new owner's mailing address with a completed W-9 form.

  • What is a division order?

    A Division Order is a document Griffin Management, LLC issues to describe the property, operator, legal description, owner's address and tax identification number, and the owner's decimal interest in the property. The owner is asked to verify the information and sign and return the Division Order.

    Prior to completing and returning your Division Order to Griffin Management, LLC, please confirm that all of the information set forth therein is current and correct.

  • What is the interest type shown on my statement and what does it mean?

    Working Interest (WI)

    Royalty Interest (RI)

    Overriding Royalty Interest (ORRI)

  • Why does my monthly payment sometimes vary?

    Many factors may contribute to your payment such as market conditions, fluctuating commodity prices, production volumes, and well downtime.

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