Eli J. Felts

Eli J. Felts was born & raised in Wichita, KS. Graduated from Wichita State University with a degree in Geology in Spring of 2013. Shortly after graduating, spent the next few years working underneath a local Geologist as an intern/apprentice with Peterra Energy (2013-2016) where the main areas of focus were Well-Site Geology, Regulatory Compliance & digitizing map sets & bringing in new software & technology significantly enhancing workflow & efficiencies as well as providing new services that helped increase client demand & revenue stream. In 2016 ventured out solo & founded Gravity Oil, LLC and worked as an Independent Geologist with focus on exploration & prospect development which included research & mapping projects throughout South Central Kansas, including several large projects with Griffin Management, LLC. As GM’s accelerated growth increased the need for an “in-house” Geologist, the natural fit became official & since 2018 have been working full time with GM & have continued efforts mapping subsurface & incorporating new well data as we develop each site; additionally have been on-site for each location supervising drilling operations, logging gas, drilling parameters & most importantly, what it’s all about – looking at rocks and finding Oil.